Our approach

Global Marketers today require a complex mix of different types of intelligence to ensure their brands stand out from the global crowd. These are Rational Intelligence, Effective Intelligence, and last but not least, Cultural Intelligence. Alexander Dunlop offers a unique combination of bespoke marketing tools to assist Global marketers with Effective and Cultural Intelligence.

IQ Rational  

Cognitive, Conceptual, Numerical  Intelligence

Understanding what people do

This is the ability to understand what people do using cognitive, conceptual or numeric competence.

AQ Affective

Knowing how to move people

Understanding what people feel

This is the ability to understand what people feel and what affects people at a deep level.

CQ Cultural  

Knowing what works in different cultures around the world

Understanding the global and the local

This is the ability to understand why people are the way they are -complex relationship between the Local and the Global knowing what things work and why in different cultures around the world.

The Three Step Journey To Iconic


Inside out thinking

Know your brand inside out – know who you are and why you are - test your positioning and adjust accordingly.

Dramatising the emotional journey using archetype, story and ritual


Outside in thinking

Know the water you are diving into - develop a deep understanding of the culture, and identify the lens through which they will view your brand.

The drama borrows from pre-existing cultural stories, signs, symbols and myths


Global content development

Develop communications that will get their attention – if you are 1% wrong  culturally, you are 100% wrong - communication development briefing and testing work.

We must know the culture in order to be culturally specific

The Theory Behind The Approach

Marketing is persuasion

But there are two types:
Blue Rhetoric
Assemble and present compelling facts

Blue is the one we are educated in, we use in school and university in politics law and business

Red Rhetoric
Move people emotionally to where they want to be

Education doesn’t often focus on this in any formal way, but it is very powerful.

Neuroscience finding

Two systems of mental  processing information:
System 2 explicity
Cognitive, slow, thought controlled, effortless

"You can't change felling with facts"

System 1 implicity
Fast, effortless, subconscious, associative

“People feel before they think”

Relevance to brand building

Focuses on need state
Pinpoint the rational needs of the consumer
Focuses on dream state
Unlocking the unconsious