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Rebirth of Brand - A Call to Adventure

Written by
Sandy Dunlop

For over a century we have been exposed to thousands of commercial messages everyday.

While much of this material appears and disappears like so much flotsam and jetsam, a particular type of advertising message has stood out like a beacon. These expressions of brand have entered the folklore of our culture. They are those creations that literally have ‘stood the test of time’. They have left a legacy. They ‘made history’ or at least ‘brand history’. Invariably they have given a brand its enduring foundational structure. They are the iconic adverts of our time.

The Rebirth of Brand project is a ‘call to adventure’ for those brave souls that aspire to create such iconic work. And it does require the brave!

By examining iconic adverts collectively it becomes possible to identify common characteristics. A picture emerges of the marketing mindsets and the marketing practices that are behind the creation of such iconic work. 

The notable thing is that these mindsets and practices are not that common. The education systems, the corporate cultures, the mental habits and casts of mind of modernity, come together to create an environment where it is challenging to create work that will stand out.

Over the next year, Alexander Dunlop Ltd. will post a section of the Rebirth of Brand every month, giving you insight into different ways of thinking about how to create truly iconic marketing campaigns. Sign up to our newsletter or check back in here regularly to see our latest posts.

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August 15, 2019
December 3, 2019

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