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Out Trumping Trump - How to Counter a Dominant Narrative

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Sandy Dunlop

What we have outlined in the previous two videos is the successful use of American Cultural Myths and Oral Storytelling techniques by Donald Trump. Such has been his mastery of these two important areas that his dominance of the national narrative seems total and unassailable, especially with a supportive media environment, at least in terms of his base.

What can be done? How do you counter a dominant narrative, especially by such a master storyteller? And how do you do so when what we know from neuroscience etc is that “people feel before they think” and “you can’t change feelings with facts”. In short, the best way to counter a dominant narrative is with a story, a better, more compelling, salient and relevant story. You can also work to subvert the meaning of the dominant narratives but there is no substitute for a “better story”.

What we will look at in this piece is a possible way forward that utilises familiar cultural narratives to counter the dominant narrative. We will also explore how this connects into the current major and deeply felt cultural issues and offers options that also draw on familiar if forgotten cultural habits and rituals.

Essentially such in matters political in modernity goes to the most effective myth makers. That is the leader that chooses from the culture’s compendium of stories that which is most relevant and then tells that story across media using all the tools of oral storytelling. There is a way to ‘out trump Trump’ and indeed any brand’s dominant narrative.

March 9, 2020
March 9, 2020

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