Our Four Global Services

At Alexander Dunlop, we believe that global cultural understanding is the Key to finding a unique global story for your brand. All of our services use a journey and Discovery approach. Collaborative exploration, mutual learning and generating insight are central to how we operate.

Inside Out

Inside Out  Global Brand Identity – Understanding who and why your brand is

Behind each great Brand is an archetype embedded in a story wrapped in a myth

Great brands deserve great Storytelling

We are in an era of marketing where what the product or service does is less important what it means to people. Iconic brands acquire cultural meaning through having distinct personality. They have a story to tell, and the ability to create a world in which people want to immerse themselves.

How do we do it?

We work with global brand teams on a collaborative journey of discovery informed by an analysis of the brand, the category, and their place in the culture. Several promising archetypal characters will be introduced into the mix to stimulate creative. The outcome of all this will serve as a foundation form which to build all other aspects of a coherent brand meaning system.

What will you get out of it?

The journey delivers a secure rock on which the brand's meaning system is based.It is more reliable than a definition based on concepts, words, and a set of adjectives - and one that is more transferable across cultures.

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Outside In

Global Cultural Research – Understanding the cultural lens through which your brand will be viewed

Success for global marketers today lies in their ability to understand the cultures of the world. People bring their own stories to a brand’s story, so in order to connect with consumers, you will need to know what those stories are.

How do we do it?

At ADL, we have spent the last ten years developing a Global Cultural Panel™ comprised of all of the main cultures of the world, and you can access them all in one room. We can look at multiple cultures, cultural clusters, or we can take a deep look at just one specific culture.

What will you get out of it?

A deep understanding of each culture’s specific matrix - their worlds, their stories, their memories, a real insight into their culture. We call this their 'Mythographic'™.

An understanding of how people engage with the codes of a category, and of the visual imagery and emotional drivers they associate with that category

A culture’s response to a piece of communication (already existing or in development), and whether the story resonates with them or not.

A deep understanding of what separates the cultures of the world, and most importantly for global brands, which stories can unite them.

We put the "world in a room™ "

Global Cultural Panel™

The way consumers decode your brand is through their specific cultural lens. Culture is implicit and hard to articulate. Our Cultural Panel TM  method unlocks the implicit cultural knowledge and makes it explicit.

Engage the world in a room

Content Development

The journey to iconic work - Global content Development

"The One Thing a fish know nothing about is water" Marshall McCluhan

People fell before they think

Quantitative studies will tell you what is or isn't working in your communications, but it won't necessarily tell you why. Standard qualitative studies put several people from one culture in a room where there is so much that they don't need to talk about because it is culturally shared, and therefore taken for granted. (Like the fish above, they can't see culture.

Our approach starts with the culture because what you're looking to uncover may not be in the area of the visible, (above the surface), it is often in the unconscious, the dark.

Journey to Iconic

Based on our familiarity with the most iconic advertising of the last 100 years, ADL have honed a global content development method that involves creative workshops to work through rules of storytelling, identification of the emotional world (dream states) the brand is working with, that culminates in a solid creative concept.

Communications testing

The cultural work we do enables us to identify the cultural lens through which people decode the brand. We know what will or will not work in any given culture, and why. For global campaigns we identify cultural clusters.

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Global Marketing Mastery

Gaining cultural expertise in Story/Myth to deliver real results globally

Mastering the three wisdoms of global marketing: the cognitive, the effective and the cultural

Our workshop style course will take the team on an immersive journey that will show them how to look at their brand in the context of different cultures.

While the aim of the workshop is to develop skills in cultural analysis, we focus on aspects of the brand all the way through. This gives very tangible results to the brand team in the form of insight, creative analysis, cultural feedback etc.

The focus of the workshop can be on the overall brand meaning in a global context, a particular campaign in a global context, or a relevant theme in a global context (i.e. motherhood).

The workshops will be tailored to your individual brand needs, and will involve a Cultural Panel session. High level of cognitive intelligence.