The people that you will take this journey with

Our work is based on a respect for the wisdom accrued through the ages, and a deep study of it throughout our professional careers.

Our Network - The Myth Tellers

Great brands have uncovered deep longings and desires. The time honored path to uncover this unifying core is oral storytelling and story listening. The most powerful of these are cultural myths. The core members of our network are professional myth tellers. We also have considerable process facilitation skills and experience

“The Host”

"Being familiar with the myth and folklore of the world gives you a way of perceiving things that are beneath the surface. Bill Felton and I set up ADL in 1997. In a way it was turning a hobby into a job! I have always loved this stuff. Perhaps it was growing up in India and Ireland – two countries very close to their mythical roots.
Fortunately we have kept finding enough global brands who are open to our Cultural Myth approach, and with every single journey we take we all seem to learn something new and fall even more in love with storytelling, folk culture and mythology and its enduring, timeless relevance.It remains as exciting as it was years ago …. Setting off on the mythic journey!"

“Keeper of Knowledge”

Since 2003 when Beulah started working with us she has acquired a thorough knowledge of the vast, interconnecting web of explorative mythological, cultural, and psychological studies that we have done over the years. She has also developed a familiarity with the history of each of the brands we work with. Being the keeper of this knowledge enables her to help guide our clients with authority and focus through the journeys we take.

Sorcha Hegarty
“Cultural Cartographer”

Sorcha joined the ADL team in 2009, and since then she has built up her expertise in cultural research, rooted in a consciousness of how story and myth shape our perception of the world. The ADL approach to branding encompasses a multi-disciplinary approach, covering a multitude of different theories and frameworks, and Sorcha has worked to master these, while adding a few more to the mix! Her polymathic approach helps brands to navigate the complexities of branding in the modern world. 

“Visual Storyteller”

Deirdre has been with ADL from its very inception, so she knows our operations inside out. She holds the threads of all our activities, reigning them in and doling them out as needed, ensuring that everything runs smoothly. She operates with a calm and methodical precision, as though she has access to secret extra hours that no-one else knows about. Never hurried, never flustered, she provides a fixed point in a world of movement.